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Get some great tips for designing your finished basement! Our basement design section will help you with your basement remodeling project as you finish a basement!

How to finish a basement, planning, design, construction, home theater, remodeling progress & online basement finishing store.
Planning basement finishing & basement remodeling projects. What you need to know whether you're finishing a basement yourself or hiring a contractor.
Basement designs, design tips & basement remodeling & finishing ideas. Interior design & remodeling tips.
Basement remodeling & finishing construction tips. Framing & finishing walls, installing electrical, repairing cracks in basement walls to waterproof your basement.
Basement home theater design & setup tips. Tips for selecting home theater components & setting up A/V components & home theater electronics.
Basement remodeling progress from framing walls, hanging & finishing drywall, installing electrical, painting, carpeting, trim, countertops, ceilings & flooring installation



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About this site

When I decided to finish my basement, I did what most people do nowadays, I looked online. I found lots of great sites, but none that would actually guide me through the complete project. Many sites offered tips on certain parts, but most of those were trying to sell their services. That's when I decided to build this site.

If you've looked through the site, it will be obvious to you that I'm not a home improvement guru or an expert by any means. This site is for people like me- a weekend DIY-er who is looking to save some money by doing (at least some of) it myself, and who is looking for the satisfaction of being able to say "I did that!".


Care should be used when completing any home improvement project. Don't try anything you think you can't handle- leave those parts to professionals! Any tips and techniques appearing on this site should be used at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage or injuries that may be incurred during your remodeling project.

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you find it helpful and that you'll bookmark it and return to follow along on my basement finishing project. If you have any tips or ideas that you feel will be helpful to other DIY-ers, please !





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