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How to cut drywall around outlets and openings

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Cutting drywall around outlets, switches, and other openings can be easy if you follow these simple steps. Unless you own a drywall router, you'll be faced with the challenge of fitting your drywall around many electrical outlets and switches. Many people will measure from the edge of the board at the sides and bottom, and draw a rectangle in the appropriate shape and size. Here's a much better way!

Drywall tools: What you'll need:

  • Carpenter's knife (with plenty of spare blades)
  • Drywall rasp (to smooth rough edges)
  • Red lipstick (Don't worry, I'll explain!)
Assorted drywall saws and a drywall lift
You'll probably use your smallest drywall saw when cutting
around outlets, switches and other openening.

How to cut drywall around outlets, switches, & other openings: Step-by-step

1. Cut the drywall sheet to size.

2. Using a dark color lipstick, outline the four corners of the box with a thick layer of lipstick. If you're cutting out a circular opening (as shown below) outline the entire circle.

Use red lipstick to outline the opening

3. Push the drywall into place firmly enough to leave an outline on the back.

Pound the drywall into place to make an outline on the back.

4. Cut outside the lines with a drywall saw. Smooth with a rasp if necessary.

Carefully cut around the outline of the opening with a small drywall saw.

5. Secure the drywall using screws. Make sure to put at least one on the stud adjacent to the box.

The finished opening- cut and screwed into place. A perfect fit!

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