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Tools and supplies

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Power tools

If you don't own these tools, you'll probably need to buy them for your basement remodeling project.

The DeWalt DW703 Compound miter sawCompound miter saw - This will be the workhorse of your basement remodeling project. You'll use it to cut your studs, top and bottom plates, and molding (when you get to the end of the project.) Some have a laser to help you make more accurate cuts. Most of your cuts will be straight 90 degrees, but you'll be doing some 45s for molding, etc. Expect to pay around $200 for a quality 10" saw.

DeWalt reciprocating saw or a "saws all"

Reciprocating saw – Often called a "saws-all", it will do just that. It will easily cut through wood or metal. This is a must have if you have walls to remove, studs to cut out, etc. There are a variety of easily changeable blades available for any purpose. I paid $97 for a DeWalt saw that came with 5 extra blades.

A Skil orbital jigsaw, for the curved cuts

Jigsaw – Used for all of your curved cuts. Unless you're doing something fancy with curved cuts in plywood, etc., you won't need it often for this project. Wait until you need it to buy it.

A DeWalt circular saw

Circular saw - Similar in functionality to a compound miter saw, except you can carry it around as you work. You probably already own one of these, but if not you may need it. As with the jigsaw, you may want to wait until you need it to buy it.

A cordless drill kit from Bosch

Cordless drill - You probably already have one, but if not, you'll need this to bore holes in the studs to run electrical wire and cables for your TV/home theater. It's also a quick way to drive screws.

Other basement remodeling tools & supplies

Tools you may need to rent - These are optional, but will make your life easier

  • Ramset or hammer drill (with special fasteners to secure walls to concrete)
  • Nail gun or finish nailer

Other tools and supplies you'll need

  • Drywall saw
  • Hammer
  • Drywall T-square
  • 2' and 4' levels
  • Plumb bob

  • Chalk line
  • Coping saw (for baseboard coping cuts)
  • 8D and 12D nails
  • Finishing nails (for molding)
  • Quick clamps - These will make your life much easier!

    Irwin "quick clamps" a must have for any DIY basement remodeling project!You squeeze a trigger to tighten them, and a lever to release. They've been invaluable to me so far!




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