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How to design a basement 'man cave'

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Building the perfect 'man cave'

Building the perfect 'man cave' takes planning (and money!) But, what is the perfect man cave? It depends on who you talk to and what your priorities are. The perfect man cave to one guy might be an open space with a huge flat-screen TV. Another guy might want several separate rooms with specialty areas such as a wine cellar or cigar bar.

Concert Blu-ray discs are great for your 'man cave'
A concert Blu-ray disc is a great way to enjoy your 'man cave'

Here are some things to think about before you ever pick up a hammer Decide what is most important to you! Here are some potential options for your man cave...

Pool table - If so, you'll need a lot of space. A 4x8 foot table should have about 6 feet around all sides to have room to maneuver. You'll also need to plan for proper lighting over the table- either a separate light hanging from the ceiling, or enough can lights to properly light the space.

Home theater - Do you want only a big screen TV with a couch & chairs around it? Or do you want a true 'home theater'? A separate room with big, comfy theater seats, an HD projector, and awesome surround sound. Or, do you want something in between?

A multi-use area in part of your basement with a projector and surround sound, but with traditional couch and chairs?

Basement man cave pool table & flatscreen TVBasement man cave wet bar
A pool table & wet bar are a great addition to any 'man cave'

Wet bar - Building a wet bar in your basement requires the same planning and plumbing considerations as adding a bath. You could also opt for just a countertop and cabinets or a small freestanding 'walk up' dry bar that will offer some of the convenience without much of the expense.

bathroom, tub, & showerBathroom - It's great to have a small bath in the space so you don't have to miss the big game walking up and down the stairs. Just remember, that it will add a big expense- even if you do it yourself. If you're building you 'man cave' in the basement (the perfect place for many of us), trust me- it's no fun busting up 10" thick concrete to run the plumbing for the toilet and drain for a shower. You'll also need to plan the location to make it easier to tie-in to existing plumbing.

Office - Though not really part of a 'man cave', you may want a separate office space available for when you need to get some work done without interruption. Make sure you leave enough space for a computer desk, file cabinets, and any other storage you may need

Other specialty area - You may need to reserve space for a craft area, workshop, wine cellar, or poker table.

Think of all these possibilities before you start building your man cave. Remember - If you're building your man cave in your basement, you'll want to set aside space for storage. You can save money by leaving your storage space unfinished too. Remember to leave enough space to store what you have now, with enough extra space for room to grow as you get more 'stuff'. You may want to denote 10-25% of your total basement space for storage.

Tips for building the perfect 'man cave'

Here are some other things to keep in mind as you design & build a 'man cave'

  • Basement carpeting is a great option for a man cave because it helps 'deaden' the noise and improve sound quality of your audio/home theater surround sound system. Plus, it helps give the room a 'warmer' feel overall.
  • Be sure to use a dehumidifier in the summer months, or whenever humidity is a problem in your area. This helps get rid of that 'damp musty' basement smell. Maintaining a lower humidity in your basement will also help your lower level feel warmer.
  • Try to come up with a common theme to tie everything together. Whether it's your favorite sports team, all your local teams, or some other interest, sticking to a common theme helps keep it looking classy.

    Detroit Red Wings sports-themed basement man cave
    A sports-themed basement featuring your favorite team makes an awesome man cave!

  • Consider various layouts until you find the best one for your basement 'man cave'. You don't want people crossing in front of the screen in a prime TV area on the way to/from the fridge or web bar.
  • When selecting dcor for your man cave don't be afraid to 'push the envelope' with your selections- without being tasteless or gaudy. Unless you're single, and planning to stay (or become) that way, be sure to select items with a high 'SAF' (spouse acceptance factor).
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How to design a 'man cave'

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