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HDTV technologies

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There are four main display technologies in use today: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), plasma, Digital Light Processing (DLP), and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS).

LCDs are available in both flat panels and projection (front and rear) models. Plasmas are strictly flat panels. The other two (DLP and LCoS) are available in projection models only.

Sony Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX 500
Sharp LC-60LE820UN
Mitsubishi WD-73733

Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX500 1080P 120Hz 46-Inch LCD HD TV

Sharp LC-60LE820UN 60-inch 1080p 120Hz LED Edge-Lit LCD HDTV

Mitsubishi WD-73733 73-Inch 1080p DLP HDTV

Many of the major TV manufacturers offer more than one of these technologies in various models. Some, like Samsung sell units that utilize almost all of them. (Samsung does not sell LCoS sets.)

Only Sony and JVC sell sets based on the LCoS technology, although neither company calls it LCOS. Sony calls their version SXRD and JVC calls theirs HD-ILA.

I won't get into the technical differences between the technologies here, since they don't matter to most people. Go with the display within your price range that you feel has the best picture.

I'm a big fan of Sony's XBR models based on the SXRD technology. For flat panels, I prefer the Sharp Aquos line of LCDs. However, the new Sony XBR LCDs are quite impressive as well.


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