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Basement remodeling progress from framing walls, hanging & finishing drywall, installing electrical, painting, carpeting, trim, countertops, ceilings & flooring installation


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Our progress

basement design tipsThis is the place to come to follow along with our progress on the project. I'll update this every week or so, or whenever we accomplish something worth sharing!

Roughing in the walls. Click to visit Phase 1: Basement prep and framing


Phase 1: Basement prep and framing

Cleaning out the basement, buying the lumber and tools and framing the walls are all part of phase 1. Follow along through the entire DIY remodeling adventure!

Roughed in electrical outlet. Click to visit Phase 2: Electrical and drywall


Phase 2: Electrical and drywall

The next steps in my basement remodeling project were electrical estimates and rough-in, and drywall and insulation delivery. Then it was time to insulate the walls, and hang, finish, and sand the drywall.

Priming new drywall. Click to visit Phase 3: Priming, painting, and finishing touches.

Phase 3: Priming, painting, and finishing touches

Selecting a paint color, buying the primer and paint were the first steps of this part of the basement remodeling project. Buying the home theater equipment and setting the whole thing up was the most exciting phase of the project for me. Buying furniture, cabinets, carpet, and flooring, and seeing it all come together were the finishing touches!







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