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Our progress - Phase 1

basement design tipsCleaning out the basement, buying the lumber and tools and framing the walls are all part of phase 1. Follow along through the entire DIY remodeling adventure!

framing a wall Phase 1: Basement prep and framing

Getting started - After all the planning and preparation, it's finally time to get going!

Down come the walls - My remodeling project starts off with a little demolition!

1st mishap - My first big mistake- luckily nobody was hurt!

Basement wall cracks - Whether it comes from wall cracks or rod holes, moisture is the number one enemy in any basement. Learn to see the signs of water damage, and fix your problems before they get worse!

Lumber and tools - Buying the right tools and the first batch of 2x4s is the next step in my DIY basement remodeling project.

Starting construction - FINALLY it's HAMMER TIME!

Moving ductwork - If your house is like mine, the builders aren't concerned with your finished basement when they decide where to run the ductwork. See how I solved this problem!

Finishing the 1st wall - One wall framed in...many more to go! Check here to see how I framed the wall around my furnace and main duct!

Around the corner - The next step was three short walls and a closet. See how careful planning helped me avoid a problem later!

Five short walls - One long wall is MUCH easier, but this area of the basement was a bunch of short ones instead!

The big wall - It was a much needed break to frame in this straight 28' section with NOT OBSTACLES!

One more crack to repair - Next it was time to pull out the Drylok again to repair a rod hole in the foundation.

Framing around windows - The two basement windows in the theater area turned out to be quite a challenge!

Framing the office - Nearing the end of the rough-in was not without its challenges. Guess what? More pipes and ducts to work around!

Finishing the office - The last wall of the office (with the door opening) presented another challenge...

Basement design decision - Full wall, half wall, or no wall? Which way would be best for the overall basement design and for the home theater acoustics?

Framing support poles - It's always a challenge to make sure the poles are square. See how mine turned out.

Framing the last wall - Just a short 8 foot section, and framing is complete!

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Phase 2: Electrical and drywall

Phase 3: Priming, painting, and finishing touches









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