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Drywall, insulation, & hardware delivery

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Getting the drywall down the steps turned out to be the toughest part of the drywall installation job! Each piece had to be cut to fit down the steps!The next task was to get the drywall & insulation delivered. The biggest challenge was to get the drywall into the basement! I needed about 45 sheets of drywall, and 5 sheets of 5/8 fire-rated drywall. Although both Lowe's and Home Depot would deliver it for about $60, neither would bring it into the basement.

Unfortunately, I have a 180 degree bend in my stairwell. The 4x8 foot sheets wouldn't fit around the corner! The delivery guys had to cut EVERY SINGLE PIECE to get it into the basement!

I had them cut the sheets at the 2 foot mark. My thinking was that since I'm adding beadboard on the bottom 32" of the wall, the butt joints created by cutting the sheets would be concealed behind the beadboard. This will make it the finishing job of all the extra butt joints less critical.

Drywall delivery

I was able to find a company that would bring it into the basement. Better yet, they were able to beat their competitors' prices! It's also the company where I'm getting my acoustic ceiling tile, so it makes sense to get everything from one source.

It took about 3 hours to bring everything down. I held off on the delivery of the ceiling tiles until later, when I'm ready for them. It's a good thing- I don't know where I would have put them!! So much for my nice, clean basement! What have I gotten myself into!

Basement before drywall and insulation deliveryBasement after drywall and insulation delivery
Nice, clean basement before ... and after...not so much!

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