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Moving ductwork

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The next thing I needed to address was moving the plumbing and ductwork to make room for the ceiling. I decided to have contractors handle this piece of the project. I ran into the same type of issues in trying to find someone to do the job as I ran into in trying to get estimates on the complete basement.

Builders aren't thinking about your finished basement when they run ductwork and pipes.The first company to come out promised to call me with an estimate in a couple of days. Still haven't heard from them. I guess they're too busy to handle my small job!

The next company gave me an estimate of $985 to move the plumbing and ductwork. I thought that was a bit high, and although I found a $100 coupon online I thought I could do better.

Sometimes you're better off moving ductwork than framing around it.
If I would have left this duct (and the two like it) 'as is', I would
have either had to build a soffit, or lower my ceiling by 3-4 inches.
Neither option sounded good to me!

I received a coupon in the mail for a plumbing company in my area. Their estimate was $375-$425 for just the plumbing. I followed up with a heating & cooling company that I've used in the past- unfortunately they don't do plumbing. (However, I found out they DO install electrical. I had their electrician out for an estimate. More on that later.)

They quoted me $395 to move the ductwork. That seemed reasonable to me. They came out a few days later to complete the job. It took two guys about 2 hours to complete the job. Now I have more clearance for my ceiling!

Shopping around, and splitting the job between two companies saved me over $100.

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