Finish a Basement: A DIY remodeling adventure!
Take all the steps to plan your basement remodeling project to get you started on a beautiful finished basement!

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Getting Started

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One of the first things you should do as you plan you basement project is take measurements. This will help you decide what should go where, and what you can fit in your basement without it appearing too crowded.

Try using graph paper to draw your basement to scale, or use an interior design program to help you draw and design your finished basement. If you want to try graph paper, download it here or get the .pdf version

Basement design plan

When I decided to do this site as a chronicle of my progress, I figured I'd need some decent images to put on the site. I also wanted an interior design package that would allow me to move walls and change color schemes and decor. After reading reviews of both Punch! Interior Design Suite and Better Homes & Gardens' Interior Designer (now called Chief Architect Home Designer), I went with BH & G.



In addition to being able to add furniture, lighting, and other decor, the software allows you to create 3D views and walk-throughs that help give you a better idea of how your final design will look. Here's what I came up with as my 'final' version.

Interior Designer's dollhouse view lets you see a 3D view of your entire floorplan. [Click to enlarge]
The floor plan view provides all the details of your layout [Click to enlarge]

3-D overhead view
[Click to enlarge]

Floor plan view
[Click to enlarge]


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